Let STACkle those corrosion problems!

STAC (Systems Technologies for Anti-Corrosion) offers optimally balanced systems for the durable protection of a great variety of constructions (concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, stone, plastics …), which can be exposed to different forms of corrosion; atmospheric, chemical, mechanical and/or thermal.

Due to interactive co-operation with suppliers, production companies, applicators, engineering companies and final customers, the range of STAC-Systems is constantly, since 20 years, optimized and expanded.

The Reference list is a selection of projects realised at first class companies.

The System table summarises the standard STAC-Systems, per resin and per covering type, with links to the latest version of their technical datasheets. In these tds’s are links to: other technical datasheets, safety datasheets, chemical resistance lists, reference lists, examples, application guides, certificates, …

The nomenclature, presentation and documentation are also amended regularly. A subtle balance is pursued between clarity, completeness and easy, simple, efficient, fast and interactive availability.